Since May 2015, the cost of display advertising in PPM has come down – for most advertisers. 

Because PPM is our only publication, our annual turnover for our new company will be below the VAT threshold.

That means we don’t charge advertisers 20% VAT, a big saving for all those who are not VAT registered.

The previous advertising costs for PPM were unchanged from 2009, until ownership of the magazine changed hands, from the May 2015 edition onwards.

Our new price structure means that the current rate for a full-page black and white advert which was £210 (£175 plus £35 VAT) will now be back well below £200 at £190.

Advertisers who previously paid an extra 20% for spot colour would have paid £210 plus £42 VAT (£252). For them, the new £228 charge is a £28 saving. You can see how the pricing affects other size adverts in the table below.

We hope the move will be a big boost to most of many show organisers up and down the country who lay on the fairs which are the lifeblood of our hobby.

Below is a table of what the changes mean.

*Please note. The previous 50% extra cost for full colour adverts remains unchanged.

Previous cost (before VAT)
Previous cost
with VAT
New total charge
Overall saving
Page 180 x 270mm
Half page 180 by 135mm
Quarter page 90 x 135mm
Eighth page 90 x 68mm
Sixteenth page 90 x 34mm


The above prices do not include the following charges which remain unchanged from before:

  • Back cover 25% extra
  • Spot (single) colour 20%
  • Inside covers 20% extra
  • Full colour 50% extra.


The cost of advertising in the classified section (the small ads) no longer includes VAT, and remains as before:

  • 1-3 insertions, 16p a word
  • 4 plus insertions, 13p a word
  • Semi-display, £9.50 per 3 columns, including text
  • Picture ad (modern cards only), b/w £9.50, colour £15.