Margeorie PPM Club ‘Member of the Year’

News release: June 5th, 2016

Margeorie Mekie, Honorary Secretary of Lothian Postcard Club, is first winner of a national competition to find the club member who has done most to promote the hobby of postcard collecting.

Runner-up was Marion Turner, of Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society, and third Kathleen Phillips of Croydon Postcard Club, Surrey.

The competition was open to members of all 50 plus postcard clubs in Britain, and run by the hobby’s dedicated magazine Picture Postcard Monthly (PPM).

PPM editor Mark Wingham said: “Margeorie was a clear winner in the eyes of our three judges. She is an amazing ambassador for her club in Scotland and to the hobby of postcard collecting in general.”

Postcards were a huge hobby in Edwardian times up until the end of World War One – with the mail service delivering to homes six times a day so that people would receive cards the same day they were posted.

Wingham added: “Postcards lost their appeal after the fighting stopped. The cost of stamps doubled from an old halfpenny to a penny and people no longer had the stomach to collect them. They were seen as just too frivolous by many after the horrors of the trenches.

“But the hobby was revived in the 1970s. Millions of old postcards have survived until today and are still highly collected at fairs nationwide and online – although one has to say mainly by the older generation.”

A trophy was presented to Margeorie (78) at a club meeting. She said: “It was a tremendous surprise. I am very lucky to belong to such a wonderful club. We have the most delightful members who are enthusiastic, friendly and are always willing to help.”

A few words about the top three:

Margeorie Mekie (Lothian) Honorary Secretary since the club was founded in 1985. A founder member and a former vice-president. She organises the club’s syllabus, invites the speakers, encourages new members, supports production of the newsletter, helps co-ordinate the annual Christmas party and actively promotes both her club and hobby. She also hosts committee meetings at her home. Described as “the lynch pin” of her club.

Marion Turner (Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society). More than 25 years service including 20 as secretary, arranging the club’s programme of activities, setting up the venues and stands, making teas and ensuring a warm welcome to all. She gives wonderful illustrated presentations on her many collections. Her nominee said: “Our club would not exist without her.”

Kathleen Phillips (Croydon). Treasurer since November 2013. Joined club in 2006 and took over as chairman initially. Gives talks and arranges walks. Helped keep the club afloat when membership dropped. Hosts meetings at her home. Without her hard work, the club would have folded. A wonderful effort from someone aged 89.

*In an attempt to raise the profile of our hobby, the above news release was sent to the following newspapers in the areas of our top three nominees – The Scotsman, the East Lothian Courier, The Cambrian News, The Croydon Advertiser, The Croydon Guardian, the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald and the North Wales Daily Post.

Special features: Battle of Jutland & Lord Kitchener lost at sea

With World War One anniversary commemorations still very much in the news, we have two special reports on the terrible conflict lined up in our June issue, which will be distributed to subscribers on May 22/23.

Many of the commemorations have homed in on the dreadful land battles.

But we look at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, the greatest naval battle in the war. We’ve all heard about it – but how much do you actually know about the sea battle? And which of the great fleets triumphed?

There’s also a report on Lord Kitchener, so tragically lost at sea when HMS Hampshire struck a sea mine en route to Russia.

But we’ll be back on dry land in our July issue with a detailed look at the heroic exploits of the 36th Ulster Division and the Battle of the Somme.

But there’s plenty of lighter reading in our June issue, with an in-depth look at the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, and the (Chinese) year of the Monkey, plus our regular look at moderns postcards, the auctions scene and so much more besides!

Water, water everywhere

Here comes the summer! Our May issue – available now – has a strong focus on the outdoors life with water a strong theme.

Feature articles this time around include outdoor swimming pools/lidos, life on the canals, the seafront pier, a Post to the Coast project in Worthing and hydrotherapy.

Our water theme continues with a look at The Moon on postcards and the tragedy off the Isle of Wight when HMS Gladiator sank in a freak accident at sea.

Plus there are all the usual features on the auction scene, our usual look at moderns, the news round-up, the list of upcoming fairs and so much more.

Order your PPM now – just £3.75 plus postage, or £3 an issue all in for a twelve-month subscription.

PPM Club Member of the Year – finalists announced

We unveil here our five finalists for the Picture Postcard Monthly Club Member of the Year Award 2015/16.

They are the three women and two men put forward by you – and shortlisted by us – to fly the flag for postcard clubs across Britain.

Three of them are treasurers and two club secretaries.

Two represent Welsh clubs, one a Scottish club and two clubs in England.

One thing they all have in common is that they are highly-valued by their members, which is why we feel it right that their efforts should be recognised by us all.

Shortly after taking on the reigns of PPM, we invited all the country’s clubs to put forward the names of a committee member, past or present, who had served them with distinction and made a difference.

We were looking for the club member who goes above and beyond to promote the interests of their club – and the world of postcard collecting as a result.

The winner – who will be unveiled in the June issue of PPM – will receive an inscribed trophy to keep.

In alphabetical order, the roll of honour is: 

  • Brian Dunn, North Wales, Treasurer and postcard fair organiser
  • Richard Everett, Bury St Edmunds Postcard Club Treasurer
  • Margeorie Mekie, Lothian Postcard Club, Honorary Secretary
  • Kathleen Phillips, Croydon Postcard Club Treasurer
  • Marion Turner, Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society Secretary.

More major fairs ahead for collectors

After another York Card Expo on April 1st/2nd, there are some more major fairs ahead for collectors around the country.

Details  of all the above events are in the  April issue of PPM, out now.

The next major events are:

  • April 24th, the Royal National Hotel, London
  • May 1st, Tonbridge
  • May 7th, Nottingham
  • May 13th/14th, the PTA fair at Woking
  • May 16th, Leeds
  • May 28th, Bury St Edmunds.

Details  of all the above events are in the  April issue of PPM, out now.

Raiders steal collection in house break-in

Collector Andrew Jenkins has appealed to the postcard community to watch out for prized cards stolen in daytime raid at his home.

Intruders stole various goods including two treasured albums collected over 30 years by Andrew Jenkins, who lives near Grantham in Lincolnshire.

Andrew has circulated descriptions of the stolen PCs to all his contacts, as detectives investigate a break-in shortly before Christmas while he was out.

Andrew said: “Obviously it’s devastating. A lot of the cards were unique. I’ll never be able to replace them. I have been collecting for more than 30 years since I was a teenager, and the Lincolnshire cards for around 25 years after I moved here. I don’t think the thieves specifically took the postcards. They took other things and just took them too. But the cards are all traceable. I catalogued them separately, including postmark dates.”

Andrew said the albums are standard six to a page style in clear leaves but have home-made black card interleaving pages. Both albums contained around 250 to 300 cards. They consisted of a:

  • Blue album,  containing vintage cards of Grantham, Bourne and surrounding villages in Lincolnshire including Witham on the Hill, Colsterworth, Corby Glen, Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Folkingham, Morton, South Witham. Many of the cards were illustrated in “South Kesteven on Old Picture Postcards” Reflections of a Bygone Age 2004.
  • Red album, containing early Court size PCs including an 1896 card of Nottingham, and several Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee cards, plus artist cards by B Cascella (Italian artist – with distinctive ‘wood block backs’) and art nouveau and Vienna 1898 Exhibition cards published by Phillip & Kramer.

Andrew said: “As you can imagine this is a great loss to me.”

If you are offered any of these cards or hear of them for sale either as a whole or in batches please contact  the police 101 helpline, quoting Lincolnshire Police incident ref 378 of the 8th December.

Andrew also offered up the following tips:

–          keep a separate list of cards in your collection including any identifying features and price paid for insurance purposes
–          check your house contents insurance is sufficient to cover the loss of your collection
–          ensure the collection is kept in a secure place with window locks and an alarm if feasible
–          don’t give out your address to people you don’t know if talking about your collection.

Toovey’s sponsor January 2016 edition of PPM

PPM has its first sponsor under our ownership – and here’s a message from sponsor Nicholas Toovey.

“Toovey’s Fine Art & Antique Auctioneers & Valuers are proud to be the first ever sponsors of Picture Postcard Monthly.

“Our auctions feature a changing calendar of specialist fields such as paintings, coins, silver, toys and Asian art.

“However, we are passionate about quarterly sales of Paper Collectables that include postcards, stamps, cigarette cards and ephemera.

“The postcard community remains a close one, and we are pleased to be part of it. We already have a good and growing reputation among the trade and look reinforce this with the public too. By supporting the number one periodical for the postcard hobbyist we hope to establish Toovey’s as the number one choice for collectors.”

Nicholas Toovey BA (hons), FRSA

January 2016 PPM out soon!

Our first PPM of 2016 has already been printed – and should be delivered to the homes of all UK-based subscribers before Christmas.

And PPM has its first sponsor under our ownership – West Sussex auction house Toovey’s has sponsored the January issue and others planned for this year.

You can read a message from Nicholas Toovey separately on these pages.

This issue has feature articles on:

* the Essex town of Leigh-on-Sea
* postcard artists Charlie Hammond – an Englishman who made it big Down Under
* the tramways of Wolverhampton
* we investigate the secrets of a metamorphic skull
* we report on fantasy postcards in the early days of flying
* May The Force Be with You, as we look at Star Wars
* Walsall’s majestic gem, the second in our series of articles on The Lost Theatres of England
* plus many other stories and all your usual favourites.

Big postcard auction at Warwick & Warwick

Warwick & Warwick has another big auction coming up – this time on Wednesday November 18.

It includes the ‘chronological collection’ of Karl Jaeger, which auctioneer Colin Such says is rich in social history cards and fills 25 volumes – though it will be “vended, suitably broken down.”

To view the catalogue, click here.