Taking PPM Forward

We firmly believe that if something ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

And we don’t believe in change for changes sake either.

We believe that most of you like the feel of the existing magazine and we know that a number of existing regular features are highly valued by the readers. That said, after the first change in ownership for 35 years, it would be strange if we didn’t try to put our own stamp on things.

We will look to do this gently. We have already introduced some changes to PPM, but, apart from some initial changes to its appearance, we won’t make too many major decisions about the content until we have got the views of you, our readers.

So fairly early into our ownership, we intend to survey you – both via the magazine and our website – about your favourite features in PPM, and ask also if there are some aspects of the magazine that you are less keen on.

In our third issue, July 2015, we will be answering some of the many questions that we have already had about our future intentions. We will run this feature on the website too, after it has appeared in the magazine.

But we are already committed to keeping the following:

  • The Picture Postcard Puzzle pages – which we hope to expand
  • Postbag – we will be introducing a Letter of the Month
  • Clubscene – we will announce details of a new change later in 2015.

Details to follow, but some new occasional features for the future include

–        The story behind the postcard

–        Trio – a story about three postcards

–        The Lost Theatres of England

–        Pointless postcards

–        Animal Magic.

Do you have an idea for an article that you would like to read about – or would like to contribute? Please email info@picturepostcardmagazine@co.uk