Help us find the club member of the year

We have begun the country’s first search for a postcard club super-stalwart.


We are asking the committees of every postcard club in the UK to consider putting forward the names of one or two of their stalwarts to win the first PPM club Member of the Year Award.


We will accept nominations from rank-and-file members, but more weight will be given to candidates officially put forward by their clubs. Unfortunately, we will not consider nominations by people who put themselves forward.


We are looking for the man or woman who you feel helps to do most to promote the activities of your club. He or she will be your ‘go-to’ colleague – the person you know can be relied on to do the job.


They may be your founder member who is still at the club. They could be a long-serving secretary, someone who has held a number of positions on your committee, or a rank-and-file member for whom nothing is too much trouble – be it organising your social activities, keeping the kettle boiled to keep you all going with hot drinks at meetings or giving up their time to help your annual fair go smoothly.


Providing your nominee has been a member of your club at any stage during this calendar year of 2015, he or she could be a former or a retired member.


Posthumous nominations will also be warmly received – providing you have the family’s full consent.


All we ask is that you ensure that you have your nominee’s full approval for having their name put forward, that you complete a nomination form on their behalf. They must also be willing for their photo to be used in any resulting publicity – and that would include not only PPM but also your local press, as we will issue a news release to relevant local media in the areas in which our top three candidates live to help raise the profile of collecting picture postcards.


Your nominations, by email or ordinary mail, need to be with us by no later than November 30, 2015.


We will carry stories of some of the short-listed representatives in several issues of PPM next year and announce the winner in June 2016. A trophy will be awarded to the winner.


Twelve nominees will be short-listed by PPM and we will later announce the details of a three-strong judging panel who will review the claims of the final dozen.


You can download a nomination form from this website or you can take a photocopy from the July, 2015, issue of PPM and post it, with a photograph of your nominee, to Picture Postcard Monthly, 6 Carmarthen Avenue, Drayton, Portsmouth, PO6 2AQ.


If you are submitting the names of two candidates, you will need a separate form for each of them.

Download the form here: Club Member of Year entry form