PPM Club Member of the Year – finalists announced

We unveil here our five finalists for the Picture Postcard Monthly Club Member of the Year Award 2015/16.

They are the three women and two men put forward by you – and shortlisted by us – to fly the flag for postcard clubs across Britain.

Three of them are treasurers and two club secretaries.

Two represent Welsh clubs, one a Scottish club and two clubs in England.

One thing they all have in common is that they are highly-valued by their members, which is why we feel it right that their efforts should be recognised by us all.

Shortly after taking on the reigns of PPM, we invited all the country’s clubs to put forward the names of a committee member, past or present, who had served them with distinction and made a difference.

We were looking for the club member who goes above and beyond to promote the interests of their club – and the world of postcard collecting as a result.

The winner – who will be unveiled in the June issue of PPM – will receive an inscribed trophy to keep.

In alphabetical order, the roll of honour is: 

  • Brian Dunn, North Wales, Treasurer and postcard fair organiser
  • Richard Everett, Bury St Edmunds Postcard Club Treasurer
  • Margeorie Mekie, Lothian Postcard Club, Honorary Secretary
  • Kathleen Phillips, Croydon Postcard Club Treasurer
  • Marion Turner, Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society Secretary.