Margeorie PPM Club ‘Member of the Year’

News release: June 5th, 2016

Margeorie Mekie, Honorary Secretary of Lothian Postcard Club, is first winner of a national competition to find the club member who has done most to promote the hobby of postcard collecting.

Runner-up was Marion Turner, of Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society, and third Kathleen Phillips of Croydon Postcard Club, Surrey.

The competition was open to members of all 50 plus postcard clubs in Britain, and run by the hobby’s dedicated magazine Picture Postcard Monthly (PPM).

PPM editor Mark Wingham said: “Margeorie was a clear winner in the eyes of our three judges. She is an amazing ambassador for her club in Scotland and to the hobby of postcard collecting in general.”

Postcards were a huge hobby in Edwardian times up until the end of World War One – with the mail service delivering to homes six times a day so that people would receive cards the same day they were posted.

Wingham added: “Postcards lost their appeal after the fighting stopped. The cost of stamps doubled from an old halfpenny to a penny and people no longer had the stomach to collect them. They were seen as just too frivolous by many after the horrors of the trenches.

“But the hobby was revived in the 1970s. Millions of old postcards have survived until today and are still highly collected at fairs nationwide and online – although one has to say mainly by the older generation.”

A trophy was presented to Margeorie (78) at a club meeting. She said: “It was a tremendous surprise. I am very lucky to belong to such a wonderful club. We have the most delightful members who are enthusiastic, friendly and are always willing to help.”

A few words about the top three:

Margeorie Mekie (Lothian) Honorary Secretary since the club was founded in 1985. A founder member and a former vice-president. She organises the club’s syllabus, invites the speakers, encourages new members, supports production of the newsletter, helps co-ordinate the annual Christmas party and actively promotes both her club and hobby. She also hosts committee meetings at her home. Described as “the lynch pin” of her club.

Marion Turner (Criccieth Stamp and Postcard Society). More than 25 years service including 20 as secretary, arranging the club’s programme of activities, setting up the venues and stands, making teas and ensuring a warm welcome to all. She gives wonderful illustrated presentations on her many collections. Her nominee said: “Our club would not exist without her.”

Kathleen Phillips (Croydon). Treasurer since November 2013. Joined club in 2006 and took over as chairman initially. Gives talks and arranges walks. Helped keep the club afloat when membership dropped. Hosts meetings at her home. Without her hard work, the club would have folded. A wonderful effort from someone aged 89.

*In an attempt to raise the profile of our hobby, the above news release was sent to the following newspapers in the areas of our top three nominees – The Scotsman, the East Lothian Courier, The Cambrian News, The Croydon Advertiser, The Croydon Guardian, the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald and the North Wales Daily Post.