Sammy Duckegg – ex-soldier’s tribute to his late daughter Sarah

A soldier seriously injured in the Middle East has created a postcard tribute in memory of his beloved daughter Sarah, who died aged five.

Barrington Strawbridge (64) came up with the idea for the ‘Sammy Duckegg’ (SD) collection of postcards years ago while bed-ridden with injuries from battle wounds.

His work has been published for the first time in the October issue of PPM, which is available now.

Sarah died in 1985. She had suffered from hydracephalus since birth.

Barrington, who lives in Huddersfield, and has six other children, said: “I have always made up nonsensical stories and quips to entertain my children. Sarah, who was my third daughter, always favoured tales of Sammy Duckegg and his dog Snicket over all the other stories in my muddled head, so after losing her at a young age I like to think that I was in a way spreading her humour and innocence vicariously by creating the SD cartoons.”

Barrington was a ‘soldier of fortune’ from 1977-91, and was critically injured in a suspected rocket propelled grenade which killed three men he was serving with. He suffered permanent spine damage, lost an eye and needed facial reconstruction.

You can see Barrington’s work and read the full story in October’s PPM. Why not order your copy now.