Major stamp fair keen to attract postcard dealers

The organiser of a major stamp fair is hoping to attract postcard dealers – to help broaden the appeal of the event.

Melvyn Philpott has rebranded the returning Salisbury Stamp Show as The Salisbury Stamp & Postcard Show.

It’s being held at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre on October 20/21 this year.

Melvyn said: “It has been felt for a while now that the available ‘spend’ at many stamp shows is spread too thinly between the participating dealers therefore making all the effort involved less attractive. This we believe is true not only for stamp dealers but also for postcard traders.

“For our newly returning Salisbury Stamp Show we have decided to limit the maximum number of stamp dealers to 50 (or even less), with the remaining tables being offered to postcard dealers. We have a private on-site attended car park available for use by our visitors.

“If any of your readers are interested in taking a space at the show, please me on 01406 350896 or email