End of the line for Kempton Fair

Tristan Brittain has cancelled his planned postcard fair at Kempton Park racecourse on Saturday June 16 – and says he won’t be staging any more shows there.

The event clashed with the long-established fair at Shoreham in Sussex on the same day and Mr Brittain had only got three dealers signed up to do the event before pulling the plug on it.

A number of the dealers who trade at Shoreham have previously also stood at Kempton – when the dates haven’t clashed.

“It just wasn’t viable to continue with it,” Mr Brittain told Picture Postcard Monthly.

“I think I will have to knock Kempton on the head now. There is no demand for it.”

It is the second time he has had to cancel the twice-yearly Kempton event because of lack of dealer numbers in the two years that he has run it. He says he plans to continue his December event at Wickham (Hampshire), although he has also announced that he won’t be holding a summer event there in future.