Dealer listing in Picture Postcard Monthly

The February issue of Picture Postcard Monthly contains four pages of listings of many of the top postcard dealers in the country.

Find out which dealers live near you – and might buy you unwanted collections or cards left to you by relatives over the years.

The list includes all those dealers who either subscribe to PPM, advertise regularly with us or organise the fairs held up and down the country every weekend of the year.

Major features in the edition include an article on the nautch dancing girls of India, jigsaw puzzle postcards, one of the favourite foreign holiday retreats of Kind Edward VII, a new book on postcards of Southampton and the history of William Grant woven silk cards.

The Feburary PPM is available now, priced £3.85 at a fair near you, or you can order via post from us (£1.26 actual cost postage).