Postcard shows under new management

Janette McCutcheon, of Forest Fairs, has taken over the long-established Haywards Heath postcard fair from Rosemary Shepherd – but there are changes planned for next year.

Whilst Janette has continued with the remaining scheduled event for 2019 – on Saturday December 7 – she will scale down the number of Haywards fairs from eleven to six next year.

Janette already runs successful fairs in Shoreham and at Bristol, and hopes that Haywards Heath will be a perfect fit with her existing venues. Haywards Heath began life as an evening fair and was set up by JHD Smith, before being taken over by Rosemary, who has run it for more than twenty years.

Janette’s plans include synchronizing her Sussex fairs in 2021, alternating Haywards and Shoreham, to give “a single, quality, monthly postcard, paper and cigarette card fair in the county each month.”

Part of the changes for the Haywards Heath Postcard & Paper Fair, at the Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, include a new opening time of 10am and a closing time of 3pm.  Full details, including the 2020 dates, will be in the December issue of PPM, which is being printed soon and will be sent to subscribers later this week.

There’s also a change in management of Lincolnshire’s biggest postcard fair – at Horncastle,  securing its future in 2020.

John Allen is taking on the event from Simon Collyer, who runs AMP Fairs, and is Britain’s most prolific postcard fair organiser with more than 60 shows in his portfolio.

John said: “Simon had more than 100 people through the doors at the last fair at Horncastle – and people in Lincolnshire have nowhere else in the county to go.”

The December PPM also has a page listing of all the big fairs due to be held in the country next year – as well as our regular more detailed listings of every postcard fair coming up in the next three months.

PPM costs £4 a copy, and is available at major fairs or via our website. A subscription is £40 for the year, including postage.