Big postcard auction at Warwick & Warwick

Warwick & Warwick has another big auction coming up – this time on Wednesday November 18.

It includes the ‘chronological collection’ of Karl Jaeger, which auctioneer Colin Such says is rich in social history cards and fills 25 volumes – though it will be “vended, suitably broken down.”

To view the catalogue, click here.

PTA Autumn South of England Postcard Fair

The Postcard Traders Association is staging its Autumn South of England fair at Woking next Friday and Saturday (September 25/26).

It’s being held at the Leisure Centre in Kingfield Road, GU22 9BA. Enquiries 07583 915284.

PPM will be attending – so please do pop over and say hello.

We will also be at Billericay on October 4.

Collecting postcards for newcomers

PPM reader Paul Braithwaite has written a ‘newcomers’ guide to collecting postcards which can be downloaded by clicking here.

It’s a handy, easy-to-read, and short document which is one of many ideas Paul has for trying to attract new blood to the hobby.

Paul has a letter promoting the guide in the September 2015 PPM. In the August issue,  Paul had a feature published about his lifelong interest in Photochrom postards, and he has written a history of Photochrom, which will appear in the October 2015 issue.

Help us find the club member of the year

We have begun the country’s first search for a postcard club super-stalwart.


We are asking the committees of every postcard club in the UK to consider putting forward the names of one or two of their stalwarts to win the first PPM club Member of the Year Award.


We will accept nominations from rank-and-file members, but more weight will be given to candidates officially put forward by their clubs. Unfortunately, we will not consider nominations by people who put themselves forward.


We are looking for the man or woman who you feel helps to do most to promote the activities of your club. He or she will be your ‘go-to’ colleague – the person you know can be relied on to do the job.


They may be your founder member who is still at the club. They could be a long-serving secretary, someone who has held a number of positions on your committee, or a rank-and-file member for whom nothing is too much trouble – be it organising your social activities, keeping the kettle boiled to keep you all going with hot drinks at meetings or giving up their time to help your annual fair go smoothly.


Providing your nominee has been a member of your club at any stage during this calendar year of 2015, he or she could be a former or a retired member.


Posthumous nominations will also be warmly received – providing you have the family’s full consent.


All we ask is that you ensure that you have your nominee’s full approval for having their name put forward, that you complete a nomination form on their behalf. They must also be willing for their photo to be used in any resulting publicity – and that would include not only PPM but also your local press, as we will issue a news release to relevant local media in the areas in which our top three candidates live to help raise the profile of collecting picture postcards.


Your nominations, by email or ordinary mail, need to be with us by no later than November 30, 2015.


We will carry stories of some of the short-listed representatives in several issues of PPM next year and announce the winner in June 2016. A trophy will be awarded to the winner.


Twelve nominees will be short-listed by PPM and we will later announce the details of a three-strong judging panel who will review the claims of the final dozen.


You can download a nomination form from this website or you can take a photocopy from the July, 2015, issue of PPM and post it, with a photograph of your nominee, to Picture Postcard Monthly, 6 Carmarthen Avenue, Drayton, Portsmouth, PO6 2AQ.


If you are submitting the names of two candidates, you will need a separate form for each of them.

Download the form here: Club Member of Year entry form



Have We Got News For You

PPM featured on the quiz comedy game show Have I Got News For You.

It was the featured guest publication in the ‘missing words’ round – where panellists try and guess the missing word in text taken from stories.

Around five million viewers regularly tune in to the prime-time BBC 1 programme starring Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. Comedian Jack Dee was in the chair for the last programme in the series, which featured the magazine – and was screened on June 5.

There’s a full report in the July issue of PPM.

PPM June 2015 edition

Our first issue – May 2015 – is now available, and work is of course already underway for the June publication, which will be available from May 24.

Major features next time up include:

  • A royal bust-up on a beach that helped inspire a man whose creative work fascinated postcard publishers down the years
  • The Army says farewell to a garrison town after more than a century
  • Southwold (Suffolk) pays tribute to a famous former son – the prolific illustrator Reg Carter
  • The Leicester unemployed March to London in 1905
  • A World War One ‘message from the grave’
  • PPM’s own tribute to the Two Ronnies’ famous Four Candles sketch!
  • The Pictorial Stationery’s Company Autochrom Landscapes
  • The Great Knight William Marshal, King John and the Magna Carta.

New date for Shepton 2016

Next year’s Festival of Cards at the Bath and West Show Ground, Shepton Mallet, will be a week later than initially planned.

Organiser Barrie Rollinson has moved the event back a week because the venue is no longer available when he wanted it.

The fair is now being held on February 26 and 27, 2016. It was initially due to be on February 19/20.

This year’s Reading Cigarette Card & Postcard Club’s Annual Fair at Rivermead Leisure Centre is another full-house.

The Berkshire club rightly prides itself on attracting many ‘smaller’ dealers who don’t stall out at major fairs but has also booked up top sellers from around the country. It’s being held on June 21.

A big year for anniversaries

It’s a big year for anniversaries for Britain this year – and PPM will be there every step of the way.

Of course, we have already had the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death, and we will be paying a small postcard tribute to the great wartime leader in our September issue, to mark the end of World War Two.

And coming up we have the:

  • 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, agreed by King John on June 15, 1215
  • 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, fought on Sunday June 18, 1815
  • 600th anniversary of Agincourt, October 25, 1415.

Of course, postcards were not around at the time of the above three events – but there were plenty of cards associated with Waterloo and you’ll be able to see what we have done with these in our first issue, in May 2015.

In June, there will be an article about the Magna Carta, and in September we will have a feature with a twist on Agincourt

It just goes to show the value of postcards in not only capturing life in the present – but giving us an insight into the lives not only of previous generations but also recording events of centuries ago.

But we don’t want you to think we are fixated on just military events of the past.

We will be carrying plenty of other stories to reflect the sometimes unique resource that postcards offer in all sides of social history, both at home and abroad.

Taking PPM Forward

We firmly believe that if something ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

And we don’t believe in change for changes sake either.

We believe that most of you like the feel of the existing magazine and we know that a number of existing regular features are highly valued by the readers. That said, after the first change in ownership for 35 years, it would be strange if we didn’t try to put our own stamp on things.

We will look to do this gently. We have already introduced some changes to PPM, but, apart from some initial changes to its appearance, we won’t make too many major decisions about the content until we have got the views of you, our readers.

So fairly early into our ownership, we intend to survey you – both via the magazine and our website – about your favourite features in PPM, and ask also if there are some aspects of the magazine that you are less keen on.

In our third issue, July 2015, we will be answering some of the many questions that we have already had about our future intentions. We will run this feature on the website too, after it has appeared in the magazine.

But we are already committed to keeping the following:

  • The Picture Postcard Puzzle pages – which we hope to expand
  • Postbag – we will be introducing a Letter of the Month
  • Clubscene – we will announce details of a new change later in 2015.

Details to follow, but some new occasional features for the future include

–        The story behind the postcard

–        Trio – a story about three postcards

–        The Lost Theatres of England

–        Pointless postcards

–        Animal Magic.

Do you have an idea for an article that you would like to read about – or would like to contribute? Please email